Thursday, 25 January 2007

MODELLING: Modroc Hand

A member of the Trinity Methodist Church in Woking has kindly brought in a photo of one of our products in use at their Friday Night Club.

This Modroc hand was created by a member of our staff and you can see the photo taken at the club behind. The modeller first wrapped his hand in cling film before applying the wetted Modroc. Great messy fun! Do you know of any good tips for using this product?


Anonymous said...

How did the modellor get his hand out without disforming the shape of the hand?


The Modroc has only covered the top part of the hand giving the impression that the whole hand was covered.

Anonymous said...

Mod roc is a material impregnated with Plaster of Paris. Plaster of paris can warm up to 60 deg C when wet. It is extremely important not to put the modroc on any part of the body right the way round as severe burns will be caused. So it is important that the whole hand was not encased. Enjoy modroc - but be safe!