Thursday, 18 January 2007

Welcome to Textiles Talk

The phone is ringing intermittently and the tape gun is working away in the packing room. There are orders being picked and the sales team are processing them on the computer. It's raining hard and the wind is high...

So? I hear some of you say, but others will be pleased to know that we're working as hard as always to supply you with your textile craft materials.

This is our first post to our new blog 'Textiles Talk'. It's here for you. Add your comments or feedback, images, tips, news, events - anything to do with your textile craft and watch it grow into an interesting and stimulating resource.

1 comment:

2Kids2Kats said...

Hi Fibrecrafts!

Great to see you've started a blog site. I'm a novice feltmaker and recently bought some of your Merino wool tops. The colours are great!

I had to set up a Google account to be able to add a comment - I had no idea that it was possible to set up a personalised Google Homepage - well worth the couple of mins it took to set up the account.

I look forward to seeing more postings from Fibrecrafts (something on feltmaking please!)