Wednesday, 28 February 2007

NEWS: FIBRECRAFTS Wins ECMOD Mail Order Business Award

Allison, Jennie Bond and Ian

Last night Ian Bowers, MD of FIBRECRAFTS and Allison Farlow, our designer, were at the annual award dinner of the European Conference of Mail Order Distributors (ECMOD) - sounds exciting doesn't it? We had entered the Fibrecrafts business for an award as a mail order business in the category 'Home Based Hobbies & Pursuits'.

The assessment is based on the catalogue, e-commerce web site, customer support and business development in the year. The event was in the Natural History Museum in London along with all the dinosaurs, and 500 others from the mail-order industry. We were rather chuffed to have been short-listed along with John Lewis Direct (a huge chain of classy and effective UK department stores and a mega web site, rated 8th of the national leaders) and the leading Irish mail-order business selling nice 'tat'!

The first surprise was to find that we were seated on the top table with the organisers and the celebrity, Jennie Bond - obviously this was a consolation prize for effort. However WE WON and we're delighted to share our news with you.

Thank you to all our customers and friends who have supported us for these 25 years. Now, to find the next mountain to climb!

Central Hall at the Natural History Museum where the event was held

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Wendy said...

congratulations on a well deserved win, your peoducts and service are always excellent, I especially appreciated your honesty last week, so refreshing. WendyC