Thursday, 28 June 2007

Getting stuck in at Fibrecrafts

Hey, I’m Sam and I’ve just finished my GCSE’s. I’ve been at Fibrecrafts for almost a week now doing work experience with them.

I’ve found it different to how I thought it’d be, I imagined an office full of grumpy employees with a new kid to baby sit. Instead I’ve entered a massive world of colour and texture, with a continual flow of tea. Everybody’s been friendly, Dave in the packaging room, a jolly bloke, never afraid to have a chat. Susan and Ian supervising and giving jobs, even if they are a bit dull, such as straightening books on a shelf. The warehouse gives smells that you might find in an Indian market, reeking of different scents from the natural dyes and bursting from the silks and wools.

I sketched out the initial design on Microsoft word which included much of the wording taken forward to the final design.

The design has been taken further by Allison, using an extremely complex computer design program, which had a manual half a metre thick. After the work on trying to get star shapes on the back, it was looking pretty good and even Susan described it as “sexy”. I enjoyed learning how much effort goes into even a smallish card like the one I contributed to.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Duck's Tale

We've had some very exciting visitors today. Apart from our usual welcome customers, a family of ducks have popped by!

When asked if there was anything in particular she would like to see from the showroom, Mother duck politely quacked that she was just looking.

Later she was overheard to say that she rather fancied having a go at silk painting and possibly feltmaking...

Monday, 25 June 2007

Handspun, Knitted and Felted Bag

Chrissie Shepherd has sent us this photo of her hand crafted bag. It is made by first hand spinning dyed wool tops (drafting the colours at random to create the variation in colour), then knitted and finally felted. Chrissie is so happy with her experiment, that she made this comment, 'I am very pleased with the end result and am going to make lots more using themed colours.'

Thursday, 7 June 2007

FIBRES: International Feltmakers Association Conference & AGM

The International Feltmakers Association Conference and AGM was held in Swansea between 29th March and 1st April 2007. FIBRECRAFTS were pleased to supply member Kirsten Hill-Nixon with 6kg of sample fibres and 20 lengths of needlefelt fabric for use in her Egyptian inspired felting competition.

We were delighted to receive her letter thanking us for our contribution and detailing the success of the competition. Along with her letter, she kindly sent us a collage of images and comments from the delegate feltmakers who used the products.

Thank you Feltmakers for such positive feedback and for the opportunity to see what you created with the fibres