Wednesday, 12 September 2007

NEWS: BT officially becomes a swear word!

We've been without internet access for 2 weeks here at FIBRECRAFTS. Up until three years ago we didn't even have an internet connection and email was still a novelty - a great surprise to us therefore that its been so difficult to cope without.

Ian's been dragging the server back and forth to download and upload emails, so we've never been more than a day behind - but, oh the frustration. Poor Ian (our MD).

You've been able to see the web site, it has stayed open for business but the Team here at FIBRECRAFTS have had an extremely perplexing two weeks. We haven't even been able to update the site until today or start getting it ready to coincide with the 2008 FIBRECRAFTS catalogue launch...

Technophobes we concur!

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