Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Natural Dyeing with Fibrecrafts

We've been delightfully busy here at Fibrecrafts and are pleased and surprised at the success of our Christmas offers. We've noted a particular demand for the Natural Dye Kit which we feature here.

The Fibrecrafts Natural Dye Kit includes a selection of natural dyes and mordants to enable the beginner to experiment with and gain a greater understanding of how natural dyes bond to fibres. Using the contents in various combinations (and keeping notes of the recipes developed!) the dyer can then dye the 100gm ball of wool yarn before knitting it into the simple hat pattern supplied.

If you become hooked on the craft, Fibrecrafts offers an extensive range of natural dyes to discover. You can learn how to extract the deep red from the dried cochineal beetle, the regal purple from Logwood Chips and the deepest of blue from Indigo!

The Book Shop contains a wealth of literature on the subject of dyes and how to use them, and a book is often the best resource for learning about them.

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