Monday, 17 November 2008

Solve your Christmas Gift Problems

It's on its way and most of us are running around like headless chickens trying to find that perfect gift for Mum, Dad and Aunty Flo. New socks, bubble bath and chocolates are definitely a treat but we've got something even better!

The FIBRECRAFTS Explorer Packs include materials, equipment and instructions for learning all about Knitting, Batik, Silk Painting, Weaving, Hand Spindling, Papermaking, Silk Papermaking, Glass Painting and Feltmaking.

Other present ideas include the George Weil gift voucher which can be bought in multiples of £1.00 and can be redeemed up to one year after purchase or a Magazine Subscription which is guaranteed to give the recipient a present to look forward to all year round!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Fine Paintings on Mulberry and Lokta Paper

Batik Painting by Diana Fenney
This superb painting was created by Diana Fenney using Procion dyes and a wax resist. Diana uses either the pretty Mulberry papers or the textured Lokta papers as her canvas.

Visit Diana's page in the George Weil Fact File to see more...

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

FIBRECRAFTS Catalogue 2009

We're proud to announce the publication of the 27th FIBRECRAFTS mail order catalogue!

FIBRECRAFTS Catalogue 2009
You can order a copy from the web site or you can download pdf sections of the current catalogue from here.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

In the post for how long?!

1997 Fibrecrafts Mail Order CatalogueImagine our surprise when we opened the post on Tuesday morning to find an order form from our 1997 mail order catalogue!

Mrs R had kept hold of the catalogue from when she ordered her Louet loom through Fibrecrafts.

A current copy of the Fibrecrafts catalogue (now George Weil) is now on its way to you Mrs R.

Monday, 1 September 2008

The Big Heave-Ho! (or the FIBRECRAFTS Picnic)

The Fibrecrafts Team and Family
What a great time we had at the FIBRECRAFTS annual Summer Munch. Plied with food and drink and moments of sunshine, it didn't take long for us to relax and let our hair down.

Little did we know that we were being primed for labour.

'Umm, you wouldn't mind just giving me a hand with the mower?' Ian asked sheepishly.

A regular occurrence on Ian and Susan's homestead is the ditching of the mower. Of course the many hands made light work and we had it on level ground in no time at all.

Thanks Ian for the entertainment!

Graham, Liam, Susan and PhilIan, Phil, Susan and Graham

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Not just a Washboard...

Washboard for FeltmakingWe're so pleased with this new product that we've even put our name on it!

The washboard (see on our website at will make light work of the felting process. As you rub the wool on the board the ribbed surface accelerates the fulling and the curved grooves allow the soapy water to drain away.

You can also use the washboard to felt sections of knitting. Isolate an area by tying a screwed up plastic bag into it and rub the 'ball' up and down the board. The stitches will begin to shrink together creating dimples in the knitting.

The washboard is also great for getting grime out of shirt cuffs and collars and others have been known to use it as a musical instrument (send us your skiffle pics today)!

Find out more about Feltmaking >

Friday, 18 July 2008

It's in the Bag!

Painting your own bag will give you the chance to experiment with graphic design and colour combinations. There's no need to buy off the peg - now you can create your own unique style and go on to paint shoes, t-shirts, scarves and more. See how this design was achieved, by visiting the Fact File.

Hand Painted Canvas Bag

Friday, 13 June 2008

How can you Resist it?

Silkpaint Water-Soluble ResistSilkpaint Water-Soluble Resist offers the textile artist a variety of options for patterning their fabrics or paper.

It can be diluted with water or dyes and used as an outliner in silk painting or it can be used as a thickener for printing and painting with dyes. It can be used to inhibit the flow of paint on treated fabrics by diluting it to 1 part resist and 3 parts water or it can be stenciled or screen printed to create batik effects. Steam, heat set or fix dyes according to manufacturers instructions, machine wash on delicate cycle and iron while damp. We recommend you create test pieces prior to starting a project. These rollers are ideal for using with the resist. They can make light work of creating borders or patterns.

See these items on our web site

Foam Roller for Texture and Pattern

Foam Roller for Texture and Pattern

Friday, 23 May 2008

Hola! (or Hi There! in English)

Idealic view across the Spanish country sideIan and Susan have kindly emailed us a picture of the view from their holiday cottage in Spain. We all hope you've enjoyed yourselves and return happy and relaxed, bright and fresh for Tuesday morning!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Now we have it...

make the most of it! The glorious sunshine we've been having is perfect for experimenting with Heliographic printing. This decorative technique is simple and effective. It depends on direct light from the sun or a bright artificial light to fix the colour in the exposed areas - leaving the dye to vanish from the shaded areas!

Enjoy sitting in the sun waiting for the magical reversed-print transformation, your children will love it too. For best results, use Pébéo Setacolor Soleil fabric paints which work effectively for this method. Find out more...

Friday, 9 May 2008

Supplies Visit!

We welcomed Managing Director Richard Ashford and Sales Manager Kate Sherrat during their visit from Ashford, New Zealand in April. The team here at Fibrecrafts enjoyed putting the names to faces before our visitors, along with David Herring (Ashford UK), were taken for a tour of the warehouse by our Managing Director, Ian Bowers.

Photographed here by Richard; David, Ian and Kate are about to take a look at the Ashford spinning and weaving products stored in the warehouse, having just seen the range of equipment on display in our showroom.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Happy Retirement Howard

Howard left us on Tuesday and I forgot to bring the camera to 'tea and cake'! Nonetheless, the cake was lovely as usual (thanks Sylvia) and we enjoyed a pleasant break wishing Howard well for the future.

Howard, we hope you find time to indulge yourself at the bowls club and with your art group.

Wishing you every happiness in your retirement, from the Team at Fibrecrafts.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Are you an Intrepid Explorer?

FIBRECRAFTS have launched a selection of Explorer Packs designed to encourage the cautious, excite the creative and provoke the imaginative.
Each pack contains the main items needed to explore the craft by which it is named. The Knit & Crochet Explorer Pack includes a chunky crochet hook, four types of yarns and a FREE set of handmade Surina Knitting Needles. We've even included basic instructions to get you started!

The 3 other Explorer packs, which include Feltmaking, Weaving and Silk Painting can also be found in the Special Offers section of the site. Each of them contains a FREE gift - worth at least £3.30 - and all the ingredients to get you started.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Many Hands Make Light Work

- if only we had them!

Here at FIBRECRAFTS we do not, under any circumstances, begrudge our colleagues their well earned holiday. But Jo we miss you so!

Our small team is suffering the impact of Jo's need for relaxation and sunshine and here we are running to chase our tails. Our priority is customer service and we WILL try to get your orders to you as soon as possible. We are sorry but the usual, efficient next day delivery is likely to be the day after!

Please bear with us for just one more week...

MORE NEWS..................................................................
 Not only is Jo absent but we've also learnt of Howard's decision to now take his retirement. Howard has worked for FIBRECRAFTS for 7 years (almost to the day!) and he will be greatly missed.

Howard will be with us for a little while yet and we'll post pics of his farewell cake and tea party when we have it. Take care Howard and thank you for your service (we're sure to bump into you sometime in the shop that gives out those bright orange plastic bags!).

Friday, 14 March 2008

Bag Free Britain?

You may have noticed that we're offering a canvas shopping bag in the Special Offers section of our web site. I hope this blog will urge you to consider buying one or a reusable one like it.

As you are aware, plastic carrier bags are getting a lot of negative press at the moment. There are calls, from the environmentally conscious of us, that these bags should be banned.

Here are just a few good reasons why I think shoppers should leave their carriers at the till:

When I looked out of the window after all that wind this week, I expected to see leaves and branches blown across the garden and maybe the odd cracked fence panel. Instead, there were two torn carrier bags and a crisp packet.

On the way to work I noticed a familiar bright orange plastic bag stuck up in a tree - further along the road I noticed another!

Driving home, I witnessed the near disaster of a motorcyclist swerving to avoid an air born carrier bag (not orange this time!) fully inflated and swirling erratically across the road.

Allison Farlow (now Holland!)
Graphics & Marketing, FIBRECRAFTS (now George Weil!)
Canvas Shopping Bag from FIBRECRAFTS

Monday, 10 March 2008

Up Close to Papershed Handmade Papers

Here are a selection of the Papershed handmade papers available from George Weil. Click on the image to see even closer! images will open in a separate window

view Lokta Papers on website
 Coloured Lokta Paper
view Silk Rag Papers on website

Silk Rag Papers
view Suede Effect Lokta Papers on website

Suede Effect Lokta Papers
view Sloshy Lokta Papers on website

Sloshy Lokta Papers

Monday, 25 February 2008

Learn More About Your Craft

Many of us don't have time to attend workshops or courses to find out about the crafts that interest us. Often the courses aren't available or they take place at inconvenient times. To learn more about textile crafts it may be necessary to investigate for ourselves.

It can seem daunting to take up a new interest such as batik or weaving, without first exploring what is involved. The basic materials and equipment can add up to quite an expense, especially if it turns out to be a craft that doesn't suit.

One excellent resource is through Guilds. These Guilds offer membership to like minded individuals who wish to learn more about their chosen interests. Their web sites can be found easily in search engines using the term 'guild' preceded by the discipline (i.e. silk painting). Membership usually includes regular newsletters and sometimes magazine subscriptions.

Another way to learn more about a craft is to read about it. George Weil offer an extensive choice of textile craft books. The titles range from beginner's guides for the complete novice through to the advanced reference books designed to inspire the skilled crafter. The titles can be browsed online through the Book Shop and the newest titles are showcased in the What's New section. Alternatively, these books can be seen on the book shelves in our showroom.

Some readers would prefer to subscribe to one of the 18 magazine titles. These cover quilting, weaving, spinning, surface decoration, beading, sewing, knitting and more and the most recent issues can be previewed online through the Book Shop.

There are also a number of excellent and informative DVDs available. The films that demonstrate the techniques, such as 'Felt Magic' can be paused or replayed, and the films that introduce us to the history - and the possibilities - such as 'Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori' provide information and entertainment.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Here's One for the Album!

The Surrey Business Awards have kindly sent us a photo of Ian and Jo receiving a certificate confirming FIBRECRAFTS (now George Weil) place as a finalist for the Small Business Award.

Jo first began working for Fibrecrafts as a picker and packer. Nine years on, she is now Sales Manager and responsible for the smooth running of the sales department and dispatch. Thanks to Jo, the team runs like clock-work to deliver your orders within 24 hours.

Monday, 11 February 2008

And the Winner IS...

Not us, on this occassion!

The Small Business Award has eluded us but the team here at FIBRECRAFTS are still very proud to have been amongst the four finalists.

Our Managing Director, Ian Bowers, and Sales Manager, Jo Barrell, enjoyed a pleasant evening amongst 'the cream of the business community' at Sandown Park in Esher.

Congratulations to the 34 finalists from all of the categories. We look forward to meeting again!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Spot the Difference?

Not to sit idle, we have since replaced the website mentioned below with the new George Weil website, Jan 2011

We hope you like the new look of the Fibrecrafts website. The design is in transition and we hope you'll be patient with us while we weed out any problems that still remain.

Please post your feedback and comments on this blog as it will help us to provide our best service to you.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dispersed Dyes and Paints

With such a diverse range of textile related products we often wonder what happens to them and how they are used once they leave FIBRECRAFTS for homes, workshops and classrooms.

We try to offer you first-hand advice and usage instructions for all the products and most of them have been used or experimented with by the staff. But just how many different ways can you apply paints and dyes? And who are we to tell you how to use them!

This print was made by Linda
Chapman using heat-transfer paints
made from disperse dyes
The Embroidery magazine gives us some clues. Their feature 'Transfer Printing on Textiles' from the January/February 2008 issue names us as a supplier for transfer paint and disperse dyes and ideas of how to use them are also offered.

We're delighted to see the samples of printed work by designers Barbara Massey and Helen Rogers. Their fine work certainly shows the potential of the transfer paints.

The outstanding publication, Embroidery is available through the Embroiderers' Guild web site and features articles and reviews on the textile arts.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Pics and Cake

Here is a photograph we had taken today in readiness for the Surrey Business Awards!

We are almost complete except for Howard who wasn't working today (click here to meet the current team). The photograph includes (back row) Allison, Susan, Ruth, Jo, Julie, Ian, (front row) Sharon, Dave and Sylvia.

Sylvia retired two years ago after working for Fibrecrafts for more than 15 years. She still maintains a welcome link by performing the role of 'House Mother' which involves providing us with essential supplies.

Sylvia also keeps a close eye on the Birthday Diary which triggers the delights of tea-time chocolate cake. Todays tea-time chocolate cake was eagerly received by Ian who is celebrating his 21st birthday today - for the 45th time!

Thursday, 3 January 2008


The new year of 2008 has tip-toed in behind the hustle and bustle of Christmas and brings with it the promise of resolution.

Wikipedia defines it as 'a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.'

Whatever it is that you have decided to commit to or change, the staff here at Fibrecrafts take this opportunity to wish you every success and happiness for the coming year