Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dispersed Dyes and Paints

With such a diverse range of textile related products we often wonder what happens to them and how they are used once they leave FIBRECRAFTS for homes, workshops and classrooms.

We try to offer you first-hand advice and usage instructions for all the products and most of them have been used or experimented with by the staff. But just how many different ways can you apply paints and dyes? And who are we to tell you how to use them!

This print was made by Linda
Chapman using heat-transfer paints
made from disperse dyes
The Embroidery magazine gives us some clues. Their feature 'Transfer Printing on Textiles' from the January/February 2008 issue names us as a supplier for transfer paint and disperse dyes and ideas of how to use them are also offered.

We're delighted to see the samples of printed work by designers Barbara Massey and Helen Rogers. Their fine work certainly shows the potential of the transfer paints.

The outstanding publication, Embroidery is available through the Embroiderers' Guild web site and features articles and reviews on the textile arts.

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