Monday, 25 February 2008

Learn More About Your Craft

Many of us don't have time to attend workshops or courses to find out about the crafts that interest us. Often the courses aren't available or they take place at inconvenient times. To learn more about textile crafts it may be necessary to investigate for ourselves.

It can seem daunting to take up a new interest such as batik or weaving, without first exploring what is involved. The basic materials and equipment can add up to quite an expense, especially if it turns out to be a craft that doesn't suit.

One excellent resource is through Guilds. These Guilds offer membership to like minded individuals who wish to learn more about their chosen interests. Their web sites can be found easily in search engines using the term 'guild' preceded by the discipline (i.e. silk painting). Membership usually includes regular newsletters and sometimes magazine subscriptions.

Another way to learn more about a craft is to read about it. George Weil offer an extensive choice of textile craft books. The titles range from beginner's guides for the complete novice through to the advanced reference books designed to inspire the skilled crafter. The titles can be browsed online through the Book Shop and the newest titles are showcased in the What's New section. Alternatively, these books can be seen on the book shelves in our showroom.

Some readers would prefer to subscribe to one of the 18 magazine titles. These cover quilting, weaving, spinning, surface decoration, beading, sewing, knitting and more and the most recent issues can be previewed online through the Book Shop.

There are also a number of excellent and informative DVDs available. The films that demonstrate the techniques, such as 'Felt Magic' can be paused or replayed, and the films that introduce us to the history - and the possibilities - such as 'Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori' provide information and entertainment.

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