Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Not just a Washboard...

Washboard for FeltmakingWe're so pleased with this new product that we've even put our name on it!

The washboard (see on our website at www.georgeweil.com) will make light work of the felting process. As you rub the wool on the board the ribbed surface accelerates the fulling and the curved grooves allow the soapy water to drain away.

You can also use the washboard to felt sections of knitting. Isolate an area by tying a screwed up plastic bag into it and rub the 'ball' up and down the board. The stitches will begin to shrink together creating dimples in the knitting.

The washboard is also great for getting grime out of shirt cuffs and collars and others have been known to use it as a musical instrument (send us your skiffle pics today)!

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jasbir said...

Im looking for inspiration and new ideas, ive got 2 bags of silk carrier rods. Has anybody used them? what for?, and how?

Allison from George Weil said...

You can make silk 'paper' from the carrier rods. The sericin (which is the glue that keeps the cocoon together) can be activated if you spray a little water over the rods, and iron flat by placing a piece of paper between the rods and the iron. Another use is for embroiderers, as the needle can easily stitch through the fibres