Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

Giraffe made from polymer clayWe're nearly two weeks into the new year and have only just got round to wishing you a happy one - HAPPY NEW YEAR! We've been very busy here learning all about a new product range.

We hope this is a positive piece of business news during this glum climate, George Weil & Sons Ltd (which is the parent company of Fibrecrafts and Papershed) is now the proud owner of the Polymer Clay and Silver Pit. You can see the products by visiting the web site and we're currently working on a paper catalogue which we hope to have available by April.

The polymer clays are much like a smooth, but superior, plasticine. They can be worked into detailed models, colourful beads, unique buttons, dolls and more. Once oven baked, the clay becomes hard, strong and durable. The exciting and precious Art Clay Silver clay can be fired with a blow torch or on a gas hob. It can be used to make unique pure silver items such as jewellery, beads and more.

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