Thursday, 8 October 2009

Art Clay Silver Conference in Jersey

Art Clay Gold Paste
The Art Clay Silver Guild held their conference in Jersey this year. We went over for several reasons -

We wanted to present a 1.5g of AIDA art clay gold paste to the first prize winner of the raffle. Everyone at the conference was a more than competent artist craftsman using art clay silver; they deserve a piece of luxury!

More importantly we wanted to meet our customers to say thank you for all their support and encouragement - our new website and the ability to take your shopping basket across all our sister sites is clearly proving a great success with them.

And most important, there are two new products on their way from AIDA. We needed to find out more about them from the manufacturers and see if they are products that will get your artistic juices flowing!

The first product is copper, easy to use. It can be worked on its own or joined with Art Clay Silver. It is kiln fired first, then a silver clay rivet formed to join it to the silver and fired again. The artist will need to own a kiln, then pickle the fired piece and finish it off with an acrylic lacquer. It will be a valuable material for creating small sculptures and games pieces.

The second new product is an Art Clay Silver, called Lite, which gives your greater volume at a lower price. Otherwise it looks and works just like Art Clay Silver. The finished product is 93% silver rather than the 99.9% of Art Clay Silver, which in itself may not be very important, but needs to be quite solid for rings and fine jewellery. We think that it would be wonderful for making larger decorative pieces for the table, and serious silver 'bling' which does not weigh the wearer down!

These two new products are not going to be available for some time yet, but post ideas and thoughts about them here.

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