Monday, 30 November 2009

A Beginner's Silk Painting

Silk Painting by Allison Farlow
What do you think of my naive and clumsy efforts at silk painting? Would you like to have a go?

It was much harder than I thought it would be and most of it was achieved through trial and error but it hasn't put me off. I love the feel of the loaded brush against the silk fabric and how the colours look and behave. The silk has amazing absorbency and sucks up the colours with gusto!

Silk Painting Explorer PackIf you're interested in having a go, you're welcome to visit my web page in the Fact File at George Weil to see how I got on and how you can learn from my mistakes.

The Silk Painting Explorer Pack offers the materials and equipment to get started with free-style silk painting and you'll also need an gutta outliner if you wish to emulate the effects used in my painting. Have fun! Allison

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Over the Sea and Far Away...

But not so far that we couldn't get Mrs Malledent's parcel out in extra fast time! Ordered only yesterday, Mrs Malledent's alpaca/silk tops arrived in Guernsey this morning. Here's what she thinks about us!

Hello all at Fibrecrafts,

It was good to meet you on our visit there in September.

Just had to say a big thank you for my order. I only ordered the alpaca/silk tops yesterday and it arrived this morning! I had a stall at our local coffee morning in aid of Cancer Research UK and I sold a scarf I made in this lovely blend, and I have an order for another one - hence I needed more tops!

I'm attaching a photo of the first scarf, but my photography is not as good as my spinning and knitting!

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Karen Malledent

Handspun and knitted scarf by Karen Mallendent
Thanks for the (not so bad!) photo Karen