Thursday, 29 April 2010

We've been away...

but now we're back!

Modern technology gives us the tools to store, retrieve and share information. We celebrate the marvels of the internet, email, and even telephones - but when we find ourselves without them, we 'die'.

About 5 weeks ago, our main computer system fell over. This disabled us to the point of going back to the typewriter and traditional book-keeping. Our exceptional staff quickly picked up the slack and seamlessly continued with our quality service, we hope you didn't notice. If you were one of the very few whose orders were affected, please accept our apologies.

We're now all tech'd up again and the neglected web sites, unsent news letters, and abandoned blog can now get some much needed attention!


Roy The Artist said...

Hi I found your site while I was looking for mulberry paper. I was impressed by some of the Art on paper in the gallery. I don't know if it would interest your readers, I set up a site a few months ago that encourages photographers to allow Artists to paint from their photos.

Allison at George Weil said...

Dianna Fenney created these amazing batik paintings on Mulberry and Lokta paper.