Monday, 22 November 2010

Selectasine Screen Printing System

The manufacturers of the Selectasine screen printing binders have now sent us an explanation, and helpful user advice, for the replacement of Selectasine solvent based binder TS125 for the acrylic based binder SF20:

'Due to ever increasing environmental legislation and the impact of REACH regulations, we will no longer be able to supply the Binder TS125. This will be replaced with the more environmentally friendly Binder SF20, and below are the details of the differences between the two systems:

Solvent-Based Binder TS125
Acrylic/butadiene co polymer with white spirit
Imparts a soft handle
Imparts good wash/dry properties
Imparts good dry rub fastness properties
Suitable for T Shirt or fashion garment market
Low curing temperature
High white spirit odour

Acrylic-based Binder SF20

Solvent free acrylic based binder system
Imparts a soft handle
Imparts good fastness to wash and dry clean
Imparts good wet and dry rub fastness
Primarily designed for educational and craft establishments
Introduced to meet ever increasing environmental concerns

The Binder SF20 has a higher viscosity than the Binder TS125 and can appear to produce cleaner brighter, stronger prints so the amounts of colour used in a system may be reduced. Alternatively the viscosity of the Binder SF20 can be reduced with the addition of either Ammonium Sulphate solution or Diammonium Phosphate solution.
The optimum temperature for curing the Binder SF20 is 150°c for 4 – 5 minutes, however the temperature can be reduced but the time will increase.

The information given herein and otherwise supplied to users is based upon our general experience and where applicable, on the results of tests on samples of typical manufacture. Therefore we recommend that a sample of product for evaluation in the users system prior to production. However because of the many factors outside our knowledge and control which can affect the use of these products, we cannot accept liability for injury, loss or damage resulting from reliance upon such information'

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

SAVE on Polymer Clays


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Polymer clay is a highly versatile modelling medium that can be heat hardened at low temperatures in a domestic oven.  Once baked, it becomes hard with a smooth surface, making it ideal for modellers, jewellery makers and doll makers.  Select any image below to find out more about the polymer clays.

Friday, 5 November 2010

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