Monday, 28 February 2011

Stitched Paper Hearts

These pretty cards have been made using a number of handmade papers, angelina fibres, stitch and glue (or low heat in the case of the angelina fibre). 

They are so romantic that the designs can be used for Valentines cards, engagement party invitations or wedding invitations, see how the card on the left was created >

The papers and angelina fibre have been built up using an A5 Lokta card as the base.  These Lokta paper cards can be used with the C6 Lokta paper envelopes which are slightly larger than the card, allowing you to add surface decoration to the card blanks.

The surface of the Lokta paper has been calendered so that it is smooth enough to be run through a printer.  This allows you to create a batch of homemade cards containing the same message, see our range of computer printable papers >

The full effect of the angelina fibres is difficult to photograph.  It provides a glistening iridescence where ever it is used, whether it is fused into a film or combined with other fibres for spinning, see what else you can do with Angelina fibres >

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Half Term Blues

Are you already fed up with the Half Term holiday? Is the weather stopping you from getting out? Are the children bored?

Feltmaking with wool fibres is great fun for children. They can make simple felt balls with little effort and string them together to make a necklace or a caterpillar.

If you order some Merino wool tops today, we will get them to you by Friday morning, giving you (and the children) a few hours of distraction and creativity. 

Visit our page in the Fact File to discover just how easy it was to make our felted friend!

The wool tops are available in 27 colours and white/natural
Feltmaking is a popular pastime and we sell a large choice of wool fibres.  See our range of dyed Merino wool tops >

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Knitting with Wool Tops

We've been experimenting with the Merino Wool Tops and here's how they look when knitted.  This piece has been knitted using the length split into 6. The tops are more fragile but still knit into a good solid fabric. Choose from any of the 27 Merino wool colours to create colourful knits.

Create a strong dense fabric by felting this knitting when complete

Visit the page in the Fact File to learn more about how to knit with wool tops.

Monday, 21 February 2011

George Weil on Blogger, Facebook & Twitter

George Weil are now on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on Blogger. 

To follow this blog, all you need is a Google, Yahoo or Twitter account. 

Get a Google account, by going to and clicking on 'Sign in'.  Then select 'Create an account now', where you will be asked to submit an email address and password.  Once you've verified your account through the email you receive, you will then have access to all the Google treats within! 

If you would like to follow us on this blog, please click the 'Follow' button (bottom, right) and follow the instructions. 

Alternatively, you can join our Facebook page by clicking this button visit or follow our Tweets on Twitter by clicking this button visit

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Education order worth £20,000

It's not so unusual to have a lorry parked outside the entrance to the warehouse; we get deliveries for craft materials and equipment all the time. What is unusual is that this lorry was here to pick up, rather than drop off.

There was a buzz of excitement as four palettes laden with boxes were loaded aboard and the paperwork handed over to the driver – a record order for George Weil, and a satisfied customer awaiting delivery.

This shipment is being transported overseas to provide fibres and spinning equipment for a local training scheme.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

FREE gifts when you order a Kiln!

The Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln is ideal for firing Art Clay Silver clay, small ceramics, enamels and for fusing glass.  It has a digital temperature control with a maximum temperature of 1000°C/1800°F, a small window in the door so that you can keep an eye on what's inside. We're offering a number of FREE products (up to the value of £44.00) with the sale of each kiln until 7th March 2011.  Find out more...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Introducing the Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel

The nifty new Schacht Sidekick Spinning wheel can be folded down to just 21 1/2" (approx 54.5 cm) high x 8 1/4" (approx 21 cm) wide x 15" (approx 38 cm) deep and weighs just 13 1bs (that's just under 6 kg!).

The modern styling and high finish will certainly tempt existing and future spinners. Find out more about what the Schacht Sidekick has to offer >

The images below show the Schacht Sidekick with the Bulky Plyer Flyer, and how it looks folded minus the flyer. 

Order your wheel from >

Schacht Sidekick featuring the Bulky Plyer Flyer
The Schacht Sidekick spinning wheel folded

Thursday, 10 February 2011

US shipment arrived safe & sound!

Piecework Magazine

Threads magazine
 It would seem that the US copes far better with the weather extremes than we do here in the UK - our shipment has arrived with only a short delay.

Craft magazines, including Piecework, Threads, Beadwork, Surface Design Journal, and Cloth Paper Scissors, are now on their way to their subscribers, and we even have a number of issues left over for those of you who'd like to see what they're like.  Find out more about magazine titles available from George Weil.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Premo Sculpey from Polyform add more colours

The new range of Premo Sculpey polymer clay colours are now available from the George Weil website. The colour choice has been increased substantially giving more options for jewellery makers and model makers.

Visit the website to see this new range of Premo Sculpey

Thursday, 3 February 2011

US Shipment Delayed

100s of thousands without electricity, two thirds of the country covered by snow and ice, and our aeroplane stuck on the runway at Chicago...

Although we still hold a good supply of stock, all the lovely goodies we order from across America, including Speedball printing inks, Jacquard Paints, and Unicorn books will be delayed until they begin to thaw out.

We've recovered from our bad weather, but are now faced with problems from overseas!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

H Dupont & Deka Supplies

Orders for products from the range of dyes and paints from H Dupont and Deka should no longer be a problem.  Although we keep a good stock holding of all the products from these manufacturers, there had been a temporary hiccup.

H Dupont has been bought by a company in Belgian and although stock was low, the stock is beginning to be replenished, and any back orders should soon be fulfilled (as you are aware, George Weil do not charge for postage twice, back orders over the value of £4.95 are delivered FREE).

The Deka range was delayed due to the cold weather (as was so many things!).  Now that paints are less likely to freeze during transit, the stock has again started to flow...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Get warm by making felt

Making felt fabric is fun and relatively simple.  You need a good wool fibre (we recommend Merino Wool Tops), hot water, soap and plenty of elbow grease (hence the title of this post).

This is what a Merino wool fibre looks like under a microscope.  The 'scales' which run the length of the fibre are the key to what makes the wool turn into felt.  While the sheep is still wearing the wool, the fibres grow in the same direction so they do not become tangled together.  In feltmaking, the fibres are positioned in shallow layers, perpendicular to each other.  Rubbing these alone will begin the felting process, adding hot water and soap (and the elbow grease!) will speed things up and within a short time you will be awarded with a warm, dense fabric. 

Visit the Fact File to find out more about felt making...