Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Get warm by making felt

Making felt fabric is fun and relatively simple.  You need a good wool fibre (we recommend Merino Wool Tops), hot water, soap and plenty of elbow grease (hence the title of this post).

This is what a Merino wool fibre looks like under a microscope.  The 'scales' which run the length of the fibre are the key to what makes the wool turn into felt.  While the sheep is still wearing the wool, the fibres grow in the same direction so they do not become tangled together.  In feltmaking, the fibres are positioned in shallow layers, perpendicular to each other.  Rubbing these alone will begin the felting process, adding hot water and soap (and the elbow grease!) will speed things up and within a short time you will be awarded with a warm, dense fabric. 

Visit the Fact File to find out more about felt making...

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