Monday, 28 February 2011

Stitched Paper Hearts

These pretty cards have been made using a number of handmade papers, angelina fibres, stitch and glue (or low heat in the case of the angelina fibre). 

They are so romantic that the designs can be used for Valentines cards, engagement party invitations or wedding invitations, see how the card on the left was created >

The papers and angelina fibre have been built up using an A5 Lokta card as the base.  These Lokta paper cards can be used with the C6 Lokta paper envelopes which are slightly larger than the card, allowing you to add surface decoration to the card blanks.

The surface of the Lokta paper has been calendered so that it is smooth enough to be run through a printer.  This allows you to create a batch of homemade cards containing the same message, see our range of computer printable papers >

The full effect of the angelina fibres is difficult to photograph.  It provides a glistening iridescence where ever it is used, whether it is fused into a film or combined with other fibres for spinning, see what else you can do with Angelina fibres >


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to your Blog - a really useful way of staying in touch which one can read at one's leisure.

Colours and Textures said...

These cards are fun.