Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Art Clay Silver Clay

Art Clay Silver clay consists of finely ground pure silver mixed with non-toxic binders and water.  Once fired, the binders burn away leaving pure, 99.9% silver which can be hallmarked ‘.999’.

The firing process is remarkably simple and can be achieved with the minimum of cost. Small pieces can be fired on a wire mesh laid across a gas hob or the pieces can be fired using a blow torch and a fibre brick.

Art Clay Silver clay is available in a number of forms.  The clay that comes in packets is similar to putty in consistency.  It needs to be worked quite efficiently as it begins to dry out when over worked, or exposed to the air for too long.  The key is to have a design planned in advance.  This form of the clay is available as 'Slow Dry' (allowing more time to work with it) and is therefore ideal for beginners (see our range of Art Clay Silver Clay).

The silver clay is also available as paste and in a syringe, offering a variety of effects.  The syringe type silver clay can be used to extrude lines of clay for filigree designs such as in this photograph.  A core of cork clay has been used as a former which is then burnt away during the firing process.  The silver clay pastes and syringe type need to be fired in a kiln.

Kiln firing allows more than one piece to be fired at a time and for other craft techniques such as ceramics, glass fusing and bead making, and annealing and hardening of metals. Buy our Kiln by 7th March 2011 & receive £44.00 worth goods FREE! (learn more about the Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln).

Find out more about firing Art Clay Silver clay.

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