Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Screen Printing

Photo of squeegee being pulled across the frame from
Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan's book 'Screen Printing'
Screen printing allows you to duplicate an image many times using a simple stencil placed on a screen printing frame. The frame has a fine mesh fabric stretched across it which allows the ink to penetrate through to the surface below, but not in the areas where the stencil has been placed.

The ink is dragged across the frame using a squeegee to ensure the ink is evenly distributed and the areas of fabric or paper masked by the stencil remain untouched.

When the print has dried, additional applications can be made using different stencils until you have a printed image of more than one colour.  Great examples of these can be seen on the
Andy Warhol website.  We offer a wide choice of screen printing supplies, ranging from the Speedball Fabric and Paper Screen Printing kits for beginners, through to the range of Selectasine binders and pigments for professionals, tutors and students.

The Speedball Screen Printing inks provide a ready-mixed solution for printing onto fabrics, card, paper, vinyl, and wall paper.  While the Selectasine range of pigments and binders allow for variations such as a puff effect, plus metallic and pearl finishes.

The Speedball Fabric Screen Printing inks, and the Selectasine binders & pigments, can all be made permanent when printed on fabric by allowing to cure and then setting with the heat from a domestic iron.  Screen printed fabrics are washable at 40°C. 

Just explore the possibilities!  You can print designs onto curtains, bedding, and cushion covers to decorate your home, or customise scarves and t-shirts with logos or icons.  Please browse our Screen Printing section for further information on these products.

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