Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Devore Fabric

Devore fabric is highly decorative and desirable.  It is created by using a devorant on a fabric that contains a mix of cellulose fibres and protein fibres.  Cellulose fibres include cotton and viscose and protein fibres include silk, hair and wool.

This sample of devore (top right) is made from Velvet fabric.  The pile (which is made from viscose) is woven into a silk fabric.  When the the devorant was applied, the viscose pile was dissolved (or 'burnt out') leaving the silk backing.

This lightweight Batiste can also be used with a devore paste.  The fibre mix is 72% cotton and 28% silk and would leave a fine, delicate patterning once the cotton has been dissolved.

The Dupont AlterEgo dyes add further possibilities with devore fabric.  One range of colours have been formulated for cellulose fibres while the other range of colours have been formulated for protein fibres. 

The two different types of dyes can be added to the same dyepot to dye the two different types of fibre.  Choosing contrasting colours means that the fabric can be dyed two colours at the same time!

Here is a sample of dyed devore and yarns.  The silk net on the devore cushion cover has taken the silk/wool Dupont AlterEgo dye colour while the pile has taken the viscose/cotton Dupont AlterEgo dye colour. Fibres (from left to right) include cotton chenille yarn, silk fibre, tencel fibre and wool yarn.

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