Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

Bubble Jet Set 2000
Use your inkjet printer to print text or digital images and photographs onto fabric.  The printed fabric can be used to make art quilts and wall hangings or further enhanced with fabric paints or print effects.

Bubble Jet Set 2000 can be used to make 100% cotton and silk fabrics suitable for inkjet printing. The fabric is soaked in the solution and when dry is ironed onto the shiny side of freezer paper, giving it support for feeding through an inkjet printer.  Find out more about Bubble Jet Set 2000 >

Fabrics treated for inkjet printing
We also carry a range of pre-treated fabrics which come with a paper backing ready for feeding into your inkjet printer.  The cotton and silk sheets come in packs of 10, and the organza sheets, which are very effective when layered, come in packs of 5. 
The silk is also sold 'off the roll' in lengths of 43cm x 50cm.

The photograph below shows flowers printed onto the Habotai silk.  Once the print has been allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours, the paper backing can be removed and the fabric washed.  Prints are hand washable remain very light fast, retaining the suppleness of the fabric.

Find out more about these inkjet printable fabrics >

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