Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nuno Felting

Nuno felting is an effective felt making technique where wool fibres are placed on an open weave fabric and then felted until the wool fibres shrink, making the fabric pucker.

The fabric puckers as the wool fibre shrinks

The example above shows undyed Merino wool tops laid perpendicular to each other on Silk Gauze Chiffon (available in white and black).  As the fibres are felted, they become attached to the open weave and shrink, causing this interesting effect.  The resulting fabric is so attractive that it can be made into clothing or accessories.

The silk fibre glistens amongst the wool fibre

Laying the fibres in rows is equally effective, and the example above has been achieved using the Merino Wool / Mulberry Silk Top blend.

Although Nuno felting works best with a wool fibre, blends such as the Merino Wool / Mulberry Silk Top and the Merino Wool / Tussah Silk (pictured below) will still work due to the percentage of wool included in the mix.

Blend of 3 colours of Merino Wool fibre and Tussah silk fibre

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