Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Crafted Creatures

Here are an assortment of creatures crafted from the materials sold at George Weil!

The mouse and caterpillar have been made from felted Merino wool tops.   The fibres were wetted with soap and hot water before being rolled between the hands to make them felt together. The caterpillar is made from a series of different sized felt balls threaded together (find out more about how the felt caterpillar was made), and the mouse was created using the same technique, after first teasing the body into shape.

Jane Rodgers crafted this charming teddy by needle felting Italian silk waste.  The sharp felting needle has small barbs along its length which hook the fibres back on themselves and knot them into the mass.  It is possible to create remarkably detailed models using this technique, see our range of Felt Making books to get you started.

Although an early attempt at modelling with polymer clay, Sophie Scanlon achieved this model of a tiny giraffe.  Polymer clay is a highly versatile, non-toxic, modelling material that can be hardened by baking in the home oven. Once baked it is permanent and can be cut, sawn, glued, painted and more.  The wide range of colours and translucent clay, which can be used alone or mixed with colours to make pastel shades, are appealing to modellers and jewellery makers alike. 

Liam Farlow used his imagination to create this 5 piece dragon which gives the illusion that the creature is swimming in water. Liam used Newclay air-dry clay and then painted the dragon with Jacquard Lumiere acrylic based paints. George Weil stock a large range of modelling clays including Newclay and Makins air-dry clays and Modroc, Sculpey and Fimo polymer clays, and Art Clay silver clays, find out more.

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