Friday, 3 June 2011

Magical Angelina Fibres

The glistening Angelina fibres can be used in a number of ways. This 15 denier synthetic fibre has a low melting point which means it can be fused together to make a flat sheet or molded using boiling water, as in this vessel made by inserting the fibres between two plastic pots and adding boiling water to the top pot, find out more >

Fusing Angelina into a sheet is very simple and various effects can be achieved. The fibres become momentarily sticky when the heat is applied and items such as flower petals and threads can be captured in a delicate web. This surprisingly robust cone was made by scattering a small amount of the fibres and some dried flower petals between two sheets of paper before fusing. The cone can be used to carry confetti or to contain wedding favours.

Fusing larger amounts of the fibre together creates a denser sheet which is strong enough to be cut or stitched, as in this heart which has been used to decorate a card.

To fuse the fibres, spread a thin layer between two sheets of paper and brush a warm iron across the paper. After a few seconds, carefully peel back the top sheet to see if the fibres have fused and iron again if they need more time.

Angelina is so fine, it can be carded into wool or silk fibres and spun to create a an effective novelty yarn which will withstand hand washing in cool water. The fibre can also be added to pulp during hand paper making, or sprinkled into wool fibre when felt making.

Due to their reflective properties, the fibres are notoriously difficult to photograph and their true qualities need to be seen!  Visit the website to see the full colour range of Angelina fibres >

Angelina Heat-Bondable Fibres available in 9 colours

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