Friday, 19 August 2011

Craft Magazines from George Weil

Our selection of specialist magazines remain very popular with our customers. The magazines are available to buy individually or a part of a subscription, and all prices include free postage and packaging. 

There are 17 titles to choose from covering a variety of crafts including
weaving, knitting, surface decoration and dyeing, spinning, crochet, and polymer clay, and a selection of these outstanding magazines explore the history of textiles and modern innovation. 
Please visit the website if you would like to see the choice of magazines available on subscription or browse the choice of single magazine issues currently available.  Our 'Back Issue Lucky Dip' offers an excellent value way to preview a random selection of 5 of the
magazines for just £5.50. Here we feature our latest issues:

Handwoven magazine
Handwoven magazine, Issue 156, September/October 2011

A special fashion edition featuring 15 weave patterns for garments. There is the prettily textured short sleeved top which incorporates a woven bodice and a knitted 'skirt', the 'Kodachrome Coat' (cover image) woven on a rainbow-painted warp, and a woven shibori dress created using a polyester weft and a gathering thread to make pleats which become permanent when the fabric is heat treated. 

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Interweave Knits magazine
Interweave Knits magazine, Fall 2011 - Vol 16, Number 3

Time to dust off your needles and dig out that chunky yarn, this autumn issue of Interweave Knits includes some super warm chunky cable knitting patterns, including the fabulous sweater featured on the cover. There is also a selection of pretty and delicate lace knits, and a selection of mittens, socks and sweaters to knit in rustic colourwork... 

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The Journal
The Journal Magazine for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Vol 239, Autumn 2011

Articles in this issue include 'From Student to Professional Weaver: an Interview with Holly Bradley-Gill' who won the Texprint Weave Award in 2010, and 'Weaving a way of life: Kyrgyz Woven Textiles' examines the textiles of Kyrgystan and how they are woven into their homes and industry. We discover the intricate batik work from the Javanese co-op members in 'More Meetings with Remarkable Dyes: Java' and a visit to Gainsborough Silk Mill highlights their unbroken legacy of silk and weaving.

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Surface Design Journal
Surface Design Journal "Paper & Books" issue, Summer 2011 Vol 35, No 4

If you're fascinated by paper and handmade books, this issue should not be missed. The article 'Handmade Papermaking in Kumasi' visits a community of paper makers in Ghana and shows how their paper is made. Mixed-media artist Karen Guancione uses paper, fabric and recycled items (inlcuding a bra!) to create one of a kind handmade books, and 'Paper in the Hood' discovers the work of six artists using the medium, and all working within Santa Cruz. 

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Quilting Arts Magazine
Quilting Arts magazine, Aug/Sept 2011, issue 52
A great opportunity to experiment with fabrics. There are ideas on how to customise your stash of prints with painted-art additions, the findings of this issue's 'Resists from the Kitchen: Tapioca', and tips on adding foil to your designs. You can learn how to print fabric using moldable foam stamps, create exciting patterns with ice dyeing, and experiment with layered marbling... 

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