Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Book Spotlight: Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes by Domique Cardon
Natural Dyes by Dominique Cardon is the definitive book on the subject of natural dyes and their use.

The hardback book includes 778 pages with 560 illustrations, covering the world wide sources and dyeing traditions, along with details of dyeing technology and the science which lies behind colouring with naturally occurring materials.

The chapters cover history, including the history of Japanese dyeing, and the discovery of successful mordanting with the five core mordants in use today. They then proceed into each of the main colour classes and the related families of dyestuffs of reds, yellows, indigotins and tannins, then on to lichen and fungi and finally the molluscs and scale insects.

Priced at £95.00 the book would be a considered purchase, although the depth of study makes this fascinating and informative title unequalled - it is a must for the libraries of dyers, scientists, designers, artists, weavers, spinners, curators, conservators and restorers, museums and research institutions. In fact all those who have a professional or personal interest in, or passion for, colour. 
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