Friday, 9 September 2011

Screen Printing with Selectasine

The Selectasine screen printing products offer an economical alternative to ready-mixed screen printing inks and are used by schools, colleges, professional screen printers, and textile artists.
Binders and pigments for making printing ink
The screen printing system comprises a large selection of binders which can be mixed with the range of concentrated colour pigments, which also include luminous colours.  The pigment is added to the binder at a rate of 35g to 100g (depending on the intensity of colour required), and the mixed ink can be used for both block printing and screen printing onto paper and fabric. 

The ink is made permanent on fabric by allowing it to dry before ironing it on the reverse with a hot iron (find out more about fixing the ink from the George Weil Fact File.) 

We sell the pigments in 50g, 100g and 500g bottles and the Selectasine Solvent-free Binder SF20 in 1 litre, 5 litre, 20kg and 45kg quantities. 

A screen printing frame and squeegee
The Selectasine screen printing system is not just limited to producing standard screen printing ink.  There is an opaque white and an opaque binder which will cover most dark colours, a metallic binder and fine metallic powders for creating gold or silver screen ink, a special pearlised binder for making pearlescent colours, and a puff binder which expands when heat is applied.  

The choice of binders and pigments provides great scope for experimentation, and as the binders are all acrylic based they can be intermixed to create differing effects.  To ensure your projects get underway without any problems we recommend measuring of quantities prior to mixing, note keeping and swatch testing.  These will be invaluable once you have achieved a successful print.

You can find out more about Screen Printing and the Selectasine Screen Printing system from the Fact File or you can browse our range of Screen Printing supplies (these links will open in a separate window and take you to the George Weil website).


Anonymous said...

What is the handle of the fabric like after using this with a screen/brush etc? Will it crack? Thanks.

George Weil said...

Inks made using the Selectasine Screen printing system will leave the fabric feeling relatively soft and flexible. The handle will be affected by the amount of ink used and how much binder has been added to the pigment. With natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, the ink is absorbed into the fibres of the fabric and does not sit on the surface, therefore it should not crack. Once the screen print is dried, it must be set with heat to ensure that the item is washable. Some synthetic fabrics will give varying results and we recommend testing on all fabrics prior to starting a project. A fine screen mesh will help to control the amount of ink transferred to the fabric.