Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Tixor Malam Wax Melting Pot

If you plan to do a lot of Batik or Encaustic Art, a thermostatically controlled wax melting pot is an essential addition to your tool kit.  This wax melting pot is mains operated through a British 3 pin plug.
The Tixor Malam Wax Melting Pot
The melting capacity of the Tixor Malam Wax Pot is 300ml and the adjustable thermostat can be set from 0 through to 135°C.  This means the temperature can be set to keep the melted wax in a liquid state while you are using it. 
It is important that the wax remains liquid so that it can pass into the bowl opening of the tjanting and flow freely through the spout at the bottom.  Heating enough wax to fully submerge the tjanting bowl will ensure that the wax does not cool down and block the spout.  

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