Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Valentines Card with Polymer Clay Hearts

Polymer clay is a versatile and exciting medium for decorating cards, scrapbooks or handmade books. It can be rolled out very thinly and is lightweight and durable once baked.

These simple cards were made using a blended red and pink polymer clay which was rolled out between two parallel rolling strips. The rolling strips ensure that the clay is rolled out evenly and to a specific depth.

Either Premo Sculpey or Fimo polymer clay are fine for this project and both bake in a domestic oven at a low temperature within 30 mins. 

The Makin's Heart shaped cutter set contains 3 sizes and other sizes are available from the range of Precision cutters which provide sharp cutting and a good finish.  The heart cutter was used as a template for the paper heart.  
The baked and cooled polymer clay heart shapes were stuck to the card with PVA Tacky glue.

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