Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hat Shapers formers for making felt hats

Oval Dome Hat Shaper
Hat Shapers are designed for shaping and blocking felt hats. They are made from strong, recycled plastic and are lightweight and washable.  The plastic is strong and durable enough to withstand the hot steam used to finish off the felt. 

These hats were felted by Susan Litton and Monica Traub using Merino wool.  Susan's hat has a hand-dyed silk hanky felted into the surface, and Monica's hat (which is made from undyed Merino wool) has woollen yarn felted into the surface.

We keep a selection of Hat Shaper hat shapes in stock and can order in any of the other Hat Shaper hat shapes you may require.  Visit the Hat Shapers website to choose from their extensive range and contact us to find out how to order.
Our Fact File page Felted Hats with Hat Shapers includes instructions on how to get started by Wanda Tate

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