Friday, 9 March 2012

Applying Gutta Outliner

The purpose of outliner or gutta resist, is to create a boundary around part of an image or pattern so that silk paint or dye does not run beyond that boundary.
Silk Painting using outliner
Painting on silk fabric using outliner and Deka Silk Paints
A number of interlocking squares were drawn onto the silk fabric using a black outliner.  The outline of each element is completed so that the paint will not seep out through any gaps and it is important to ensure that the outliner has fully penetrated through the silk fabric to create a complete barrier.
Leaves painted on silk fabric

Outliner can be used to great effect in silk painting, here it is used to outline the leaf design so that two wet paints can be applied and blended.

Visit the website to see the George Weil Fact File page Using outliner or gutta in Silk Painting

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