Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Canvas Bag painted with Deka Permanent

There are a number of 'bags for life' being offered at super markets, but if you want to create a unique and personal design, our canvas bag can be painted with fabric paints. This is my latest attempt which you can read more about in the Fact File page, the simple design has been painted using Deka Permanent Fabric Paints.

A canvas bag painted with Deka Permanent fabric paint
The paints are available in a large selection of opaque colours which can be used on white and light coloured natural fabrics such as cotton, canvas and silk.  Their consistency is quite thick which means that the flow can be controlled quite easily and they do not flood the fabric.  Adding water will make the paint both thinner and transparent, or there is a paint extender which can be combined with the paint to make pastel shades without thinning it. Deka Permanent fabric paints are set by ironing the fabric on the reverse which makes the paint washable to 60°C.

A cushion cover painted with Deka Permanent fabric paint

I painted the cushion cover above with the same paints.  The paints went on to the finely woven cotton much more smoothly than on the coarser canvas fabric. The bag below was painted with Jacquard Lumiere fabric paints, see our Fact File page to see how it was designed, or browse the George Weil range of fabric paints.

A canvas bag painted with Jacquard Lumiere fabric paint
by Allison Holland

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