Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring coloured Wool Tops for Making Felt

When I walked into the warehouse this morning with Sharon's cup of tea, I couldn't resist coming back with the camera to photograph this assortment of wool tops.

6 of the 9 colours of Wool tops waiting to be bagged up

Sharon was in the process of collating together the wool tops into a 1kg mixed bag of light colours.  There are nine colours in this selection and I was struck at how Spring-like the colour combination is.  These 1kg mixed bags are also available in a selection of mid tone colours and a selection of the dark colours, making them an economical way of sampling the entire colour range.

If you haven't yet had a go at felt making, these lovely pastel shades may tempt you, and we hope our Fact File pages on felt making will give you enough information to get you started. 

Sharon in full swing
by Allison Holland


Crafty Chris said...

Wow must agree these colours are stunning and so tempting.
Chris x

Cris F said...

Can we use those wools for spinning?
What is the address of the Warehouse?
where we can buy those beautiful wools.

Many thank in advance for your reply.

George Weil said...

Dear Cris,

Thank you for your comment. Yes you can use the wool tops for spinning. We also sell a range of natural wool fibres plus silk, cashmere, alpaca, camel, bamboo, tencel and more. You may be interested in the Spinning section of our website,88,-1,-1

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