Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Making Canes from Extruded Polymer Clay

You can use the Makin's extruder to create consistently sized and shaped polymer clay 'logs' for making canes to decorate beads etc.  The extruded polymer clay shapes below were pushed together to make a three coloured cane, see our Fact File page Making a Polymer Clay Cane Using an Extruder.

Polymer clay extruded from the Makin's Extruder
 Slices of the cane were placed on the surface of the bead and rolled until the slice became merged with the clay of the bead, below. 

Polymer clay beads decorated with cane slices

Cane slices add colour to the simple handmade bead and give a different appearance depending on what colour background is used.

Polymer clay beads decorated with a swirl cane

A spiral patterned cane was used to decorate the beads above, visit the Fact File to see Sue Heaser's instructions for creating this spiral shaped polymer clay cane.

Polymer clay beads decorated with slices from a flower cane

Hazel Hampshire's accomplished millefiori beads were created from a complex polymer clay cane. Our Fact File page Millefiori cane flower explains the basics of this decorative technique.

George Weil sells a large selection modelling tools for clays and there are also a choice of extruders and disc sets.

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