Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Illuminating? Printing with Discharge Paste

The Fibrecrafts Dischargeable Acid Dyes and Illuminating Acid Dyes increase the range of patterning and effects available to the adventurous textile artist.

The dyes work like this; the dischargeable acid dyes have a low resistance to bleaching and are easily removed from fabric while the illuminating dyes have a high resistance to bleaching. The image below shows patterning on dischargeable black velvet. The flowers have been painted onto the fabric using discharge paste combined with a yellow illuminating acid dye. 
Black velvet fabric printed with discharge paste & illuminating acid dye
To save you time, and allow you to experiment, there is a choice of silk chiffon, habotai or velvet on our website which has been dyed using a black dischargeable dyed.  Alternatively, there are a selection of undyed fabrics which can be dyed using a colour of your choice from the range of dischargeable acid dyes. 
A concentrated stock solution of dye (made using boiling water and vinegar) is combined with a discharge paste. The paste is applied to the ready dyed fabric with a brush or stamp. When dry, the discharge paste is activated by pressing the fabric with a hot iron on a steam setting.

The final stage is to set the replacement dye colour using the traditional method of steam fixing, before rinsing away the surplus dye and chemicals.  You can find out more about how to steam set dyes from our Fact File page. 
Black dischargeable silk fabric printed with discharge paste & illuminating dye
Samples of discharge printing on black silk habotai. 
Remember: Discharge paste will not always be effective on dyed fabric as dyes used will vary in their resillience.   The Fibrecrafts range of Dischargeable Acid dyes and black dischargeable fabrics have been designed for the purpose of discharge printing.

If you would like to see this range of materials, please visit our section on Discharge Dyeing on the George Weil website.

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