Friday, 17 August 2012

DEKA Transparent & DEKA Cristal

George Weil have been selling the range of DEKA paints for many years and they continue to be popular with our customers. 

The DEKA Transparent and DEKA Cristal paints are fully transparent, bright colours which dry to a glossy finish on glass, metal, wood, ceramic, polymer clay, metal foils, acrylic and more.  The difference between the paints are that DEKA Transparent are solvent based and DEKA Cristal are waterbased acrylics.  Both paints air dry hard and can be heat hardened further in an oven.

DEKA Transparent paint has excellent adhesion and can be heat hardened so that it becomes scratch resistant. The colours are intermixable and intensity can be built up with additional applications.  Used sensibly, there should be no safety issues with this durable paint, the solution is flammable and should be used in a well ventilated space, accidental spills cannot be removed and brushes must be clean-up immediately with DEKA Transparent Thinner.   

With its acrylic base, DEKA Cristal is a better option for painting porous surfaces such as wood, plaster, and cardboard.  The paint cleans up easily with soap and water.

The photograph shows some examples of how the paint can be used.

a) A ceramic salt pot painted first with DEKA Outline Paste which was heat hardened in an oven for 30 mins at 120˚C.  Elements within the outline were then painted with DEKA Transparent.
b) A metal fish charm painted with DEKA Transparent.
c) Polymer clay shaped, and then painted with DEKA Transparent before baking for 30 mins at 120˚C.  The finish is very similar to a fire glazed ceramic.
d) Wooden beads painted with glossy DEKA Cristal (red) and DEKA Transparent (dark blue).  The paints were applied over varnish.
e) A plastic elephant cracker gift made to look like a miniature ceramic with DEKA Transparent.
The handle of this wooden spoon has been painted with  DEKA Cristal

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