Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Gedeo Resins

Gedeo Crystal Clear Resin
Seeds captured in resin
We've extended our range of modelling and jewellery making materials to include a selection of Pebeo's Gedeo Resins, silicone moulds and Siligum silicone moulding putty.

The Gedeo Crystal Clear Resin has been trusted by professional and fashion designers for over ten years. It has a high transparency and strength and is ideal for mouldings, inclusions, coatings or laminates.  The kit (which is available in three sizes) includes a 1 part resin and 2 parts hardener, 2 protective gloves and 2 measuring cups.

The Gedeo epoxy resins are also available ready tinted in 5 colours Lapis Blue, Ruby Red, Amber, Jade and Topaz.  These colours can be mixed together to create other colours or combined with the crystal clear resin to create lighter shades. 

Gedeo Glazing Resin
Gedeo Glazing Resin
Gedeo Glazing Resin is also crystal clear and can be used to create a lens effect in jewellery making.  It can be poured into a jewellery blank, or dripped onto a flat object, the resin will work its way across the surface and dry with a curved edge.

The resin and hardener have to be measured precisely (1 resin to 2 parts hardender) and stirred together carefully to prevent bubbles forming in the solution.  Pouring slowly from one measuring cup to the other will ensure a homogeneous solution. 

The image, top left, shows a first attempt at using the resin.  I lightly greased the lid of a deodorant spray (see Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline), poured in the resin (note, a little too quickly as there are bubbles), and pushed in my seeds.  I allowed the resin to set for 24 hours before removing it from the 'mould'.

Some inclusions, such as beads or seeds, will float and stick out above the surface of the poured resin. To prevent this happening, put your inclusions in the mould and pour on a some of the resin so that the items float. Allow the resin to begin to set (up to 12 hours) and then pour on the rest of the resin so that the inclusions are fully submerged. See diagram below.

Gedeo Resin with Jacquard Pearl-Ex
Resin set in the Jewels mould
The images, right, show Gedeo Crystal Clear resin with a small amount of Jacquard Pearl-Ex (Sparkle Gold) mixed into it with a cocktail stick.  The other 'jewels' have been made with Crytal Clear resin and Topaz coloured resin.

These shapes were achieved by using the Gedeo Jewels Silicone Mould and the Gedeo Buttons Silicone Mould.  These flexible moulds are made from non-stick silicone and designed for all modelling materials including resin, silver clays, plaster, and candle wax and have a smooth finish.  They can withstand heat of up to 230°C and be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Use the moulds with the Gedeo resins to create faux stones for jewellery making and buttons for knitwear, or use with Art Clay Silver clay to creat extra special items.

Gedeo Buttons Silicone Mould
Gedeo Buttons Silicone Mould

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