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Beginners Weaving Loom

The mini weaving loom is ideal for learning the basics of weaving. The loom measures 28cm x 39cm and has a weaving width of 23cm.  When you get the loom out of the box, you will find that it already holds a weaving sample.

A beginners weaving loom
The Mini Weaving Loom
The threads which are strung onto the loom (in white) are known as the warp and the threads which are woven over and under the warp (in orange and yellow) are known as the weft.
The shed is created by the heddle bar
The open 'shed' created by the heddle bar.
The heddle bar (pictured above left) has grooves cut into it in which the warp threads rest.  This creates the space between the warp threads and is called the shed.  The shed allows the yarn loaded shuttle to pass between the warp threads.
The shed is created by the heddle bar
The 'shed' changes when the heddle is tipped forward.
In the heddle bar, every other groove is cut in the opposite direction to the adjacent groove so that when it is turned, the opening of the threads alternates.   The shuttle passes back and forth over the warp threads when they are lowered, and under the same warp threads when they are raised.
The comb is used to beat down the weft
The comb is used to beat down the weft threads.
You can experiment with the mini loom and use a variety of materials to weave your fabric.
Cloth woven with recycled Sari yarn and strips of plastic bag
The recycled Sari yarn (top) and a plastic carrier bag in strips.
The ends of the weft yarn are left hanging at the edge and can be threaded into the back of the fabric when the weaving is complete.  To finish the woven fabric, cut two of the warp threads at a time and tie the ends together.  The ends can be left as a fringe or threaded into the edge with a large needle.
Weaving with different coloured yarns
Different coloured warp yarns and a red weft yarn 
Use different coloured warp yarns and weft yarns to vary the patterning in the woven cloth. 
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