Friday, 11 January 2013

Bluefaced Leicester Roving Knitted

We thought you may like to see what Jo did with the super soft Bluefaced Leicester Roving yarn she hand dyed (see blog post Hand Dyed Bluefaced Roving Yarn).

Jo decided to knit the yarn to make a snood.  She knitted the wool into a large square and then sewed up two of the opposite sides.  The opening of the snood is placed over the head and can be worn around the neck and pulled over the head to form a hood.

Our Sales Manager, Jo Barrell wearing her knitted snood
 Jo's scarf reminded us of the Moebius scarf knitted by Phyllis Funnell from a pattern in the 'Treasury of Magical Knitting'. The luxurious yarn was hand spun by Phyllis from grey Alpaca.
Phyllis Funnell wearing her Moebius scarf knitted from handspun Alpaca yarn

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