Friday, 18 January 2013

Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Fabric Paint

Jacquard Lumiere paints come in a range of highly pigmented metallic and pearlescent colours which can be used on a variety of materials including fabrics, leather, wood, paper, clay and knits.

This thick paint is smooth to apply and does not spread, allowing good control during application.  It can be heat set on fabric with an iron and remains flexible, making it ideal for decorating lycra in sports and dance wear, canvas shoes, and knitwear.  It can also be heat set in a tumble dryer (at the temperature suitable to the fabric) where ironing is not practical.

When Jacquard Lumiere paint is used on other surfaces such as clay or wood, a coat of varnish can be applied to increase durability.

Jacquard Lumiere painted on clay
Dragon made from New Clayby 11 year old Liam Farlow
and painted with Lumiere paint
Hand made card printed with Lumiere
Lumiere was used to print this design
with a Speedy-stamp cut by Alison Bate

The tiny mica particles in Lumiere paint provide decorative shimmering effects on light and dark surfaces.  The paint is thick enough to print or stencil with and can be diluted with up to 25% of water for airbrushing or silk painting.  Jacquard Neopaque Extender can be added to Lumiere to make the colours more translucent, while the highly pigmented white coloured Jacquard Neopaque can be added to Lumiere to make pastel colours.

The swatch samples below show Jacquard Lumiere colours (left to right) Silver, Bright Gold, Hi-Lite Blue and Hi-Lite Red on denim, Lokta paper, cotton and Leather effect paper. The Hi-Lite colours have been designed for use on dark colours and give a tinted, pearlised finish.

Jacquard Lumiere on denim, cotton and handmade paper
A selection of Lumiere colours

Lumiere has been used to paint this fabric
Linda Chapman used Jacquard Lumiere to build up layers
in her free form embroidery.
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