Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Foamboard Christmas Decorations

How's this for a great Christmas decoration idea?  Our giant snowflakes have been designed and made by our resident artist Philippa Cousins from foamboard. 

Snowflake decoration made from foamboard by Philippa Cousins

Foamboard is made from a sheet of CFC free polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of smooth acid free paper to form a strong, lightweight and rigid board with a variety of uses.  The board cuts easily and cleanly with a craft knife and is ideal for mounting presentation roughs and visuals as well as displaying graphics, screen printing, craft projects and building scale models.  It is also perfect for use as a backing when framing pictures.

Philippa sketched out the snowflake design onto a sheet of white foamboard and then cut it out with a sharp craft knife. 

The cut-out was then used as a template to create another.  Slits, the width of the foamboard were cut-out as in the image below and the two snowflake shapes were slotted together.  Clever and simple!

Snowflake template for foamboard Christmas decoration
Snowflake Decoration for Christmas made from foamboard
Philippa has also designed and made this delightful reindeer from black foamboard, is there no end to her talents!  

Christmas Reindeer made from foamboard by Philippa Cousins
We have a choice of foamboard in different thicknesses on the George Weil website.

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