Thursday, 13 November 2014

Polymer Clay Christmas Trees made using an Extruder

Polymer clay is very easy to shape and smooth into shape and using an extruder allows you to create lengths of consistently shaped clay which can be coiled, pressed together to create complex multi-coloured canes, woven or plaited.

The Makin's Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder
The Makin's Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder

These Christmas Tree decorations were created using extruded polymer clay which has been wrapped around a cone shape and baked in the oven to make the shape permanent.

Extruded Sculpey Ultralight on cone

The extruded clay is coiled around a cardboard cone covered in tin foil.  The cone is used as a former to keep the shape of the clay while it is baked in a domestic oven.

Extruded polymer clay on cone

For further information visit our Fact File page Polymer Clay Christmas Trees using an Extruder at

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