Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Learn How to Knit - Casting On

There are a number of ways to cast on. This method creates a chain of knit stitches on the needle.

Once you have mastered this method of casting on, you are not far off learning the knit stitch (also known as the garter stitch). With this basic stitch you will be able to knit a scarf, fabric blocks, cushion covers, a bag and more.

We have used a chunky yarn and size 12 Surina Knitting Needles and the instructions are for right handed knitters!

1. Make a loop and tie with a slip knot ~

2. Put the loop onto the left hand needle and push the right hand needle into the loop from underneath. Bring the yarn around from the right, underneath the bottom needle and up over between the cross ~

3. Now for the hard bit, and not very easy to illustrate. With the bottom needle, use the point to pull the yarn through the slip loop ~

4. Gently pull the loop formed on the top (right hand) needle and transfer it to the left hand needle ~

5. Push the right hand needle into the new loop and repeat the steps above until you have a row of 10 stitches on your needle ~

6. Now you are ready to learn the knit stitch...

Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on how to understand knitting patterns and the terms used in this craft. 

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