Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sun Prints with Transparent Fabric Paints - Tried & Tested

Transparent fabric paints are very effective when used to create prints from the sun. Here we demonstrate prints made using Jacquard Dye-na-flow and Deka Silk paints in the evening sunshine using leaves as the mask.

Creating the Print

First make the fabric wet by spraying or brushing water across the surface and then apply the paint in the same way. Place your opaque objects onto the fabric while it is still wet. The best prints are achieved by using items such as leaves, petals and cardboard cut-outs, as these will lay flat across the surface and cause less shadow. 

Place the prepared fabric in bright sunshine. As the sun begins to dry areas of the fabric that are not covered, the wet paint from beneath the mask is drawn to the dry fabric surrounding it.

Varying Results

The sharpness of the print is determined by how close the mask is to the fabric. The image below shows a slightly blurred image on the left which is the result of the leaf not laying flat, and a much clearer image on the right where the leaf was laid closer to the fabric.

The quicker the painted fabric dries, the whiter the image below the mask.


Jackajkjb said...

This is lovely! What kind of fabric have you used here in this technique?

George Weil said...

Thank you for commenting. We used Silk Pongee fabric. The fine weave makes an excellent print